Transform your life through fitness

Master your mindset and completely transform your weight, health and fitness, without going on a miserable diet or wasting money on another gym membership.

No intimidating gym environment

Clare Brown, Personal Trainer at FitGirls PT


Without a strong unstoppable mindset, weight loss advice is meaningless.  Unlock your desire to change, find your ‘why’, and develop the drive and commitment to deliver, day after day.  


Lose whilst you snooze with workouts that send your metabolism through the roof, burn fat and tone up.  Exhilarating, time efficient and body transforming.  

Clare Brown, Personal Trainer at FitGirls PT


Whilst still enjoying mealtimes, learn how to eat for accelerated fat loss, balance your hormones to banish cravings, stop over indulging, and develop new healthy habits.

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Bristol based personal trainer, Clare Brown

Are you always on a diet, wasting wonga on a gym you barely see?

For busy, real-women struggling with their self-esteem, who want to change how they eat and exercise to lose weight, and find the commitment to keep it off, because they’re tired of yo-yo dieting, and not getting the body, they deserve, despite trying really hard.

If you’re like the women I work with; feel like you’re going around in circles, always on a diet, pointlessly pounding the pavement and wasting wonga on a gym you barely see, I can help you find a better way, because I know doing what you’ve done before and staying stuck isn’t the answer.

I help real-women struggling to lose weight, how to transform their mindset so that permanent weight loss becomes simple and effortless. Get back the joy that comes from looking and feeling amazing, without the misery of counting calories, exercising for hours that aren’t available, or following someone else’s complicated process.

Use your precious time wisely – not just do more – and make doable changes to your own routine that stick.

Don’t let your lifestyle be the reason for not being all you can be.

Remove the risk of trying yet-another gimmick or short-term fix. I’m certain of your ability to overcome what’s held you back before.

Draw out your desire to change and create the drive and urgency to get started

With so many different ways to get fit and lose weight now, most people feel completely overwhelmed and confused about how to do it. The single most important factor, however, is not any particular diet or specific exercise regime. Creating the right mindset is the one common thing with all successful weight loss achievers and fitness enthusiasts. Are you ready to get to grips with what’s been holding you back?