About Clare

Hello, I’m Clare, a Personal Trainer that specialises in fitness and motivation coaching, based in Henleaze, Bristol. I was a real sport-billy at school, and loved anything and everything to do with exercise. My challenge wasn’t getting into fitness to begin with – it was getting it back when I lost my way.


Your weight and fitness influences your perspective

It’s easy to de-rail from a healthy track. My university years were boozy and my eating habits poor. Topped off with 6 months abroad and I was out of shape. Perhaps to an outsider there wasn’t much wrong, but that’s the thing. It’s not just the dress size (although I was gutted I’d let my sporty-self go). It’s how you feel inside that matters.

My confidence evaporated and I felt defeatist. It had a ripple effect on how I ate and behaved. My energy levels were affected and my drive just fizzled out.

No discipline to keeping fit reflected my attitude about me. I didn’t deserve to achieve anything greater. If I was happy to settle, then maybe my life might as well be mediocre too.

Clare Brown, Personal Trainer at FitGirls PT
Clare Brown, Personal Trainer at FitGirls PT

Creating the right mindset and taking back control

I’d lost control and was no longer driving the train. I didn’t want my life to be like this. It wasn’t about being the skinniest. I just wanted to take what I’d been given and make the very best of it. I’m referring of course to my health and body, but also to thrive in life generally.

Through exercise I regained my drive to eat and behave healthier and take control of where I was going. Getting expert advice would have been useless though, without creating the right mindset first. I was fixed on where I was heading.

I now help other women get focused on what they want, and commit to doing the things that will get them there.

There’s nothing better than feeling fit and healthy, looking your best and getting the most out of life. Your health really is your wealth. I found my inner-dynamo and I can help you find yours to achieve your goal. Now let’s get at it!


Clare Brown

Your fitness and motivation coach


You’re in a safe pair of hands,
here are my credentials:

REPS Level 3

Master Trainer - European Institute of Fitness, including Active IQ’s Advanced Diploma in Personal Training

ACSM Lifestyle - Fitness Coach

Nutrition Coach - European Institute of Fitness

Exercise Specialist - European Institute of Fitness, Certified in Postural Retraining and Corrective Exercise including Functional Training for Sports and Rehabilitation, Back Care and Specific Populations

Clare Brown, Personal Trainer at FitGirls PT

Draw out your desire to change and create the drive and urgency to get started

With so many different ways to get fit and lose weight now, most people feel completely overwhelmed and confused about how to do it. The single most important factor, however, is not any particular diet or specific exercise regime. Creating the right mindset is the one common thing with all successful weight loss achievers and fitness enthusiasts. Are you ready to get to grips with what’s been holding you back?