Choosing the right snack

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Let’s face it, most of us dip into to something in between meals don’t we!  And, if you’re choosing to eat 3 larger meals, rather several smaller meals throughout the day, then it’s likely you’ll want something to nibble on in between. This snacking is a minefield though isn’t it! You’re eating so well at […]

How to Avoid Snacking

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Often it’s not our main meals that are the culprit for weight gain.  Sometimes, it’s the eating in between meals, and mindless snacking that’s to blame.  So what can you do, to stop sabotaging your weight loss goals?  Delay eating Provided you are feeling well, and not light headed in the slightest, rather than diving […]

Personal Trainer, Clare Brown, FitGirls PT

Adore your Core

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Why it’s important to have a strong core Power: All power comes from your core. It stores power and sends it to your limbs for movement, so before you engage your limbs in any movement, you must engage your core. It improves the transfer of force between the upper and lower body and would improve […]