Fitness Programme Details

Women-only mind and body transformation programmes: Create a happier and more fulfilling life


Flexible membership to access my online fitness & motivation coaching support, to help women become inspired and able to create a happier and more fulfilling life. Get help to develop the right mindset and learn how to make your aspirations a reality through improving your health, weight and fitness.  

  • Ongoing access to resources, to help build your education, keep you accountable, motivated and supported
  • Exercise workouts and videos
  • Nutritional material and recipes
  • Mindset and accountability tools
  • Three times weekly coaching emails
  • Live video calls
  • Exclusive what's app group
  • Private members' Facebook group
  • Workouts are flexible - whenever, wherever and for however long is best for you
  • More affordable than one-on-one personal training for longer term support

Become confident in exercise and nutrition and learn how to take back control of your habits and build long-lasting lifestyle changes.  Helping you become more accountable, motivated and, of course, fully supported along the journey.  Click here to find out more, and book your free discovery call.



  • 2 x weekly face to face sessions
  • Women-only metabolic driving & fat burning workouts
  • Flexible locations for Workouts, covering BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9 and BS10
  • Accelerated fat loss Nutrition
  • Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition education resources
  • Unique supermarket guided tour to learn how to shop and eat better, for fat loss
  • Members-only live Facebook coaching lounge
  • Weekly video/pdf material to re-educate and create new healthy habits
  • Weekly practical exercises to help turn your new knowledge into new behaviours
  • 2 reviews to assess progress
  • Success journal to keep you on track
  • Ongoing email support
Demonstration of a box jump during the fitness programme
Working with a client on the fitness programme


Week 1 of the 8-week programme

A chance to meet me and get a taster of the full fitness programme. Start to master your Mindset.  Receive Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset education resources. Experience two face to face sessions and a week of my Coaching support.

  • Discovery session – motivation and goal setting
  • Health appraisal, with weights and measures recorded
  • Accountability journal
  • Food diary
  • 7-day detox plan
  • 2 x face to face sessions
  • Women-only, metabolic driving & fat burning Workout
  • 3 x educational videos; Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition
  • 21-page Nutritional document
  • Shopping list
  • 62 tasty and healthy recipes
  • 7-day email coaching support

Draw out your desire to change and create the drive and the urgency to get started

Come and meet me, see my approach and find out if my 8-week fitness programme is right for you. Start to create the right mindset and get to grips with what holds you back.