Why Fitgirls PT?

I can teach you how to lose weight easily, without going on a diet, or entering an intimidating gym

Clare Brown, Fitness and Motivation Coach at FitGirls PT

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  • Learn how to master your mindset and be committed to getting what you want
  • Find out how to eat and exercise for accelerated fat loss
  • Turn your body into a lean fat-burning machine
  • I’m mobile, so we can even work out from the convenience of your home - covering BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9 and BS10
  • Create easy and effortless healthy habits
  • Take back control of your lifestyle – make better choices
  • It’s a safer way to permanently lose weight 
  • Doing as you’ve done before and staying stuck is not the answer


Without a strong unstoppable mindset, taking weight loss advice is meaningless. We usually know the things we need to change, it’s having the inner drive to stay committed that we lack.

Emotions can easily sabotage progress. A bad day can lure you into comfort eating. A single knock back, can talk you out of the gym.

Clare Brown, helping her client to lose weight
  • Find a meaningful goal that excites you
  • Discover what’s been holding you back
  • Create a path that’ll work for you
  • Learn to maintain new healthy habits
  • Stop negative self-talk and behaviour that sabotages your goals
  • Get that inner-voice that shares your desire to lose weight, talking louder and with more persuasion
  • Shush that little devil that talks you into not exercising, eating the take away and having that extra half hour in bed


  • Learn how to exercise efficiently so you lose weight, without spending hours you just don’t have
  • Stop putting in a tonne of effort for minimal results
  • I’ll teach you how to raise your metabolism, so you lose even when you snooze
  • Work out with a buddy for camaraderie and support
  • Sessions can even be at your own home
Exercises with weights to help lose weight

If this resonates, I can help:

  • The weight’s crept on, it’s hard to lose and even harder to keep off
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of fitness solutions
  • Frustrated that pounding the pavement hasn’t shifted the stubborn belly fat
  • Scared of using weights and bulking up
  • Need personal attention but don’t want everyone staring
  • Busy life and time is tight


My 8-week Mind and Body Transformation Programme requires no measuring at all! No PHD required to understand my 3 simple rules:

  1. Create simple daily habits that provide routine
  2. Everything in moderation keeps cravings at bay
  3. Boost metabolism, so you lose whilst you snooze
Cooking to help you to lose weight
  • I’ll help give you that kickstart to first lose weight and then keep it off
  • Learn fat loss principles like ‘you need to eat fat to lose fat’
  • Understand how you can gain body fat without consuming fatty foods!
  • There’s no calorie counting
  • Get a better understanding of the food you buy, cook and eat
  • Confidence in creating tasty meals that won’t sabotage your weight loss
  • Learn to balance your hormones to stop cravings and over-eating


This is not a quick fix, and there’s no magic wand. It’s not for you, if you’re just looking for a short-term solution. This is about changing your lifestyle and creating new healthy habits, for good.

Clare Brown, FitGirls PT coach, boxing
Boxing with a client during the FitGirls PT programme

Take back control

I won’t judge or blame you, for why you’re where you are now. You are not defined by how you feel about yourself today. But remember, you hold the cards and you’re in control. Whether you stay the same or decide to change is your call. You have the power. If you’re ready for a change then I can help you take back control.

Bringing our expertise together

This is about a partnership of expertise. I will bring my success in motivation, exercise and nutrition. You’ll bring an openness and honesty about your goals and lifestyle. You really are your best resource, and have far more tools than you realise. We’ll collaborate to create an unstoppable force!

Boxing can help you to lose weight

Draw out your desire to change and create the drive and the urgency to get started

Come and meet me, see my approach and find out if my 8-week programme is right for you. Start to create the right mindset and get to grips with what holds you back.