Success Stories


Natalie Stone from Emersons Green

"OMG!!!! I actually don’t even know where to start ... when I first met Clare I was lost. I had tried every single diet out there and nothing had ever worked for me. Until now. I’ve just finished my 1st 8 weeks and Clare and the programme have actually changed my life. I now live a normal life, having everything in moderation. For the first time in my whole life I don’t follow a plan!! I eat healthy and nutritious food and enjoy it! And my husband loves that he now gets to choose where we go to eat rather then going somewhere where it’s easy for me to track or point. I feel so much more happy, confident and excited for my next 8 weeks with Clare. My life changed the day I found Clare’s website and I now have a friend for life. Clare is so supportive, enthusiastic, caring and so lovely and really puts her heart and soul in to every session. If you're reading this and thinking I could never do that ... OMG you so can!! x"


Alicja Shah from Redland

"Clare is a great coach and a lovely person. I have found her programme truly transformational! The knowledge on creating new habits (and making them stick) around exercise and nutrition was priceless, the workout sessions varied and fun. I used to do a lot of running, but when I started having problems with my knees, I stopped doing any exercise altogether. Clare’s transformation programme helped me to discover the joy of exercise and movement again. Thank you Clare!"


M Moloney from Westbury Park

"Working with Clare has been fantastic on so many levels.  I contacted Clare initially because I had become really unhappy in my own skin, I had developed some pretty unhealthy habits and was lacking the motivation to build up my strength and fitness.  All of these issues contributed to me feeling sluggish, lethargic and completely demotivated.

Clare's energy, charisma, passive and drive coupled with her understanding of what each individual requires to build their fitness, strength and stamina meant I quickly restored by faith in myself and was surprised how fast I got my ‘mojo’ back.

Each work out is tailored to you, they are fun, energetic and Clare takes no prisoners, so I found I really pushed myself and became quite competitive each week in my aim to further increase my strength and fitness.  As a Mum to a lively toddler, I had little time to focus on myself and my needs.  My weekly sessions with Clare gave me that ‘me time’ I so desperately craved, and Clare not only focuses on the physical side but also the emotional, she is a great listener and always made me feel like I was heard and understood.  I can safely say that after each session with Clare I felt a million dollars, this was the best investment in myself I could ever have made.

Clare, thank you!! I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat, I gained such strength, fitness and energy in such a short period of time and the hundreds of resources you provided me with will aid me in continuing this lifestyle change for years to come."


Sharmila Bousa from Westbury-on-Trym

"Clare is an amazing PT. She really takes the time to listen and understand where you have been, where you are and where you want to be. She has so much knowledge about fitness, nutrition and mindset coupled with an incredible amount of positive energy and is super fun to train with.

I eat better, train better and have a much healthier relationship with food in general after working with Clare. And she really knew how to push and motivate me with the workouts too. All her care inbetween sessions is as important to her and I love being part of her gang."


Rosie Jones from Ashley Down

"I needed to take some time to write a little post and thank Clare so much for an amazing FitGirls journey.

I can't believe it's been 3 months since we started! After first coming to you to get prepped for my surf trip in Sri Lanka, I'm now finishing the programme with all the tools and self-belief I need to make nutrition and fitness part of my everyday life, without it feeling like a constant nag.

I feel so much stronger, happier and more energetic and I couldn't have done it without Clare. During the past month, in particular, my life has been pretty chaotic, living between London and Bristol and Clare not only kept me on the straight and narrow but made it so easy for me to embed healthy habits into my life - and make it fun which is an absolute miracle!

This isn't the end, just a short hiatus but I wanted to give you a big shout out and thank you so much for going above and beyond to fit into my life which has seen a lot of changes of late. I'll certainly be keeping you up to date with my progress over the coming weeks! See you soon and thanks again. xxx"


Miss M from BS9

"I have been training with Clare for about 10 weeks now! You won’t know me because I just don’t do social media! However.... I felt the need to post!
I am in Ibiza! Having an awesome time, despite being more than twice the age of most here!
THE biggest element is that for the first time in many many years, I am super happy with how I look and the confidence it has given me to just enjoy it all! AMAZING!
Thanks to Clare and her super programme and attitude, I have taken control and feel great.
Nothing else over the years has worked or stuck. This has!
Love it! Thank you Clare!
Keep going Ladies xxxx


Vicki Paton from Westbury on Trym

"I have just completed my 8 weeks with Clare. I started with Clare to help spur me on into becoming healthier so I could be the catalyst to help make healthy changes at home. I was lost in the wealth of nutrition information out there and I felt I was active daily but did not have the energy to sustain physical play with my energetic 8 year old.

Clare is full of positive energy, enthusiasm and encouragement and is very skilled in challenging your mind set.

I enjoyed my twice weekly sessions with Clare and looked forward to weight resistance training. I did not find the HIIT as enjoyable but Clare was supportive and challenged me, making me accountable and would not let me wimp out! I learned a lot about my self at these times and Clare has a wealth of knowledge and ideas up her sleeve to help.

Clare explained about macro nutrients and looking at food labels. She has given me easy food swaps and healthy recipes to improve my macro nutrient balance so I now feel really on top of the families diet.

About week 6 friends started to ask if I had lost weight and my confidence in the program started to grow. In the end I lost 13 inches mainly from the tricky tummy area. This has given me the kick start I needed to carry on regular exercise and get stronger and above all run and rugby tackle my 8 year old until we are on the floor in fits of giggles 😉

Thank you Clare for kick starting me into adopting healthier exercise and eating habits that are now just part of my every day life. I would not hesitate in recommending Clare as a PT or her 8 week program. The thing I like best about Clare is she does not tell you to do it (whether that be an extra HiiT in your week or eat less carbs) but she makes you come to the answer yourself by asking how you would feel if you didn’t do it. She therefore made me want to please her but also be accountable to myself which is such a powerful skill.

Thank you Clare for offering your positive energy, commitment and belief that shines through in your program. It is and you are No1. I am so glad I started your program."


Tamsin Roberts from Severn Beach

"When looking for a Personal Trainer,  I was after someone who offered more than just the sessions themselves. Little did I know, when I found Clare, just how much she offered in her 8 week package. As well as 2 training sessions a week, she offers lots of in depth information on nutrition, while also somehow simplifying the whole thing, so that it isn't overwhelming! Clare also offers ongoing support throughout the process and it is great knowing she's always there if you have a query.

I am lucky that I have always loved training, and have trained regularly for years. My nutrition however - not so on point! So I never saw physical changes doing things my way. Very early on in the process with Clare, due to her approach, my mindset shifted on the nutrition side and it just became natural and really quite easy to eat in a way that complemented the training so I could finally see results!

I love training with Clare as, although I can push myself, she can push me SO much harder! That combined with the nutrition changes have resulted in a fitter, stronger, slimmer me! I've already lost inches and have just started my next 8 weeks. I look forward to every session and can't wait to see the results after 16 weeks! Thank you Clare. I'm so glad I found you!"


Jo Jenkins from Leigh Woods

"Clare provides focused and consistent programmes and support that help make nutrition and fitness easy to integrate into daily life. I see my fitness as an investment now not a cost. Thanks Clare!"


Sioned Owen from Sneyd Park

"I came to Clare already quite active and physically fit but I wanted to get that extra edge.  My body goals were to tighten and tone up, and improve my body proportions.  I didn't eat particularly badly, but I wanted to have a better idea about nutrition, so I could get maximum impact from my workouts.  I also wanted to overcome a sweet tooth and my cravings for sugary treats in the evening.

I lost half a stone and several inches, 3" specifically from a key problem area for women (the tummy).  I've now got the confidence to work out with weights alone. I know which exercises, and the right amount to do, how to lift safely, and how to not hit a plateau.

I now know how important the right amount of Protein and good Fats are to changing your body shape, burning fat and stopping cravings."


Emma M from Coombe Dingle

"I feel I'm more in control of my life, feel more self-confident and proactive.  Before I felt tired, sluggish, and had no energy, so when kids went to bed I'd flop on the sofa, whereas now I'm more productive with my time.  I've learnt I don't have to be in a gym or go running for 3 hours, 3 times a week to lose weight and get fitter.  20 mins is enough of the right thing and I've found exercise that is do’able, and fits into my life.  I now have examples, which I can do at home in my lounge, without having to spend a £100 David Lloyd Membership."

You'll meet more of the inspirational women I’ve loved helping achieve their goals. They will be sharing their journey and success with you very soon.

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With so many different ways to get fit and lose weight now, most people feel completely overwhelmed and confused about how to do it. The single most important factor, however, is not any particular diet or specific exercise regime. Creating the right mindset is the one common thing with all successful weight loss achievers and fitness enthusiasts. Are you ready to get to grips with what’s been holding you back?